[Mailman-Users] Deleting a mailing list

Antonio M / PoPeR poper at fedro.ugr.es
Wed Dec 19 00:47:11 CET 2001

How can I delete a mailing list using CPanel 4?
I use Cpanel to admin my site, I used to create a mailing list, now when I
try to delete the list, it doesn`t work:

List Deleted
The list pop-page at pop-page.net was successfully deleted.
Remove the components of a mailing list with impunity - beware!

This removes (almost) all traces of a mailing list.  By default, the lists
archives are not removed, which is very handy for retiring old lists.

    rmlist [-a] [-h] listname

        remove the lists archives too

        print this help message and exit

List does not exist: "poppage_pop-page.net"

Althought the first line says that the list has been deleted, it doesn't.
How can I delete the list using Cpanel? is there another alternative (not
using Cpanel) to do it?

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