[Mailman-Users] email looping - autoresponders - how to stop it?

Norbert Bollow nb at thinkcoach.com
Sat Dec 29 10:51:05 CET 2001

> I have a problem. I created a list and dumped a bunch of emails into it.
> It sent an initial message to everyone - but one person is on vacation
> and the autoresponder responded. Now Mailman  and the Autoresponder are
> sending messages back and forth.
> How do I make mailman ignore autoresponders?

Only broken autoresponders are a problem, as the others will
ignore Mailman.

Please share the specifics of the loop.

Does the list do Reply-To: munging?

Does the broken autoresponder put some header into its messages
which makes it possible to unambiguously recognize them as coming
from a robot?

Greetings, Norbert.

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