[Mailman-Users] email headers question?

Ed Lazor osmosis at atfantasy.com
Tue Feb 6 02:30:45 CET 2001

At 06:03 PM 2/3/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>If you've really been through the archives discussion, then you've seen
>1) a way to disable them, and
>2) the overwhelming opinion that it is a really bad idea, and
>3) several different ways for your users to avoid seeing the headers if
>their sensibilities are so delicate.
>There's really nothing more to say than what you say you've read.

I spent an hour browsing through the archives trying to read everything 
relating to the issue at hand and wishing the archives were 
searchable.  After that, I subscribed to the mailing list and asked for help.

According to you, I should have seen a way to disable the headers.  I did 
NOT,  but you should have known this, since my message to the list was 
asking for help finding it.

You're saying it's a "really bad idea".  I appreciate your candor, but my 
message was very explicit in stating I wasn't trying, nor do I want, to 
debate the issue.

It's actually pretty simple, Dan.  I upgraded the software and my users 
made a request.  I'm trying to fulfill that request.  Having you make gross 
assumptions and calling me a liar is really lame.  You shouldn't have 
bothered to respond.  On the other hand, having you reply with answers to 
the questions I posed in my original message would be very cool and really 


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