[Mailman-Users] qq crashed

Krzysztof Wychowalek kaw at zrodla.most.org.pl
Tue Feb 6 23:20:26 CET 2001

Hello everybody,
I have a linux server with mailman installed (recently upgraded to 
2.0) and more then 20 lists running without any problems. Since 
yesterday, one of the list has gone crazy. When a message is 
sent to the list, mailman keeps sending it for hours resulting in the 
hundreds of the same message in users' mailboxes.
The reason is that after sending a message to all 147 users of that 
list using SMTP, mailman thinks that something was wrong, so it 
tries to send it again, and again, and again.....
In the log files it says "All recipients refused, (451, qq crashed 
#4.3.0)". I have no idea what does it mean.
I have installed some anti-virus feature to my Qmail recently, so 
first I thought this is a problem, but all other mailing lists on my 
server are working perfectly well.
I also reinstalled Mailman, and removed this one mailing list, and 
created it once again - and it still doesn't work!!! Sounds almost 
If anyone has any ideas why "qq crashed" I would be very grateful 
for sending them to me (priv.)

Thanks in advance,

Krzysztof Wychowalek
ICQ# 34184303
GSM +48600225435

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