[Mailman-Users] Digest questions...

Kimberly Sargen ksargen at trianinvestments.com
Wed Feb 7 20:57:38 CET 2001

Anybody dealing with the following? -

We are getting ready to move several mailing lists from the existing system
to Mailman.  One of the reasons is that the user interface for the existing
software is TERRIBLE - including the list admin.

On some of the lists, we're having a problem with a number of people posting
HTML/MIME format postings, and then the digest is put out as plain text.
Well, you know what happens to those messages.  We're trying to find a way
to EDIT the digest before it goes out, to cut out some of this mess.  We've
got list members who are quitting due to the size and number of these
"messy" messages.  Any suggestions?

Also, if worst comes to worst, is there a way to BLOCK HTML/MIME messages
from the list?  That way at least, people wouldn't be screaming quite so
much about how big the digests are, and how much wasted bandwidth there


Kimberly Sargen

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