[Mailman-Users] Blocking Attachments

Davide G. M. Salvetti salve at debian.org
Mon Feb 12 21:02:11 CET 2001

>>>>>  PH == Peter Hutnick [2001-2-11]

PH> It might be better just to have your MTA strip attachmnets on
PH> incoming messages to the list, before Mailman ever sees them.

Following this suggestion, you may want to try MimeFilter, which is a
filter expecting a MIME compliant message on stdin, which outputs a MIME
compliant message on stdout stripping selected unwanted MIME parts from
the original message (e.g., you can tell MimeFilter to strip text/html
parts, or to allow only text/plain ones, or... as your fantasy and
regexp power suggests you).

You can find it on any Debian mirror (e.g., ftp.debian.org if you don't
know anything better for you).

If you use Debian, just `apt-get install mimefilter' (it's in
`unstable'); if you don't, you may fetch the (Perl) sources here:


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