[Mailman-Users] re: help

guenter wessling hypnose at t-online.de
Mon Feb 12 22:46:54 CET 2001

All you need is in the INSTALL file.
Apache has to be aliased and Scriptaliased in the srm.conf file
(/etc/httpd/srm.conf), so it knows the mailman directories.
And you have to put the OptionSymLinks in /Directory (access.conf).
Look at the Install. And donn´t forget to restart httpd.


>I have read the web page to install mailman, but i have some problem.
>Mailman work very fine, but not the web features.
>   I have installed APACHE, and the directory where mailman is installed is
>   I also have set a vitual domain called mailman.<mydomanin>, but i not
>understand where is the .html page to start.
>   Any suggestion?
>   Regards.
>Alberto Marcedone

guenter wessling (hypnose at t-online.de)

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