[Mailman-Users] serious gid problem

Julio Cesar J Melati julio.melati at mensagero.com.br
Thu Feb 15 15:26:42 CET 2001

hello all :)

recently i upgrade the mailman version beta2 for beta5. in beta2 all work.
but now, i'm get the error "wanted gid 501, got gid 65535. reconfigure?". i
know who need recompile for gid 65535 with the parameter with-mail-gid. but
i can't put the mailman in the group 65535. what is happened?
box conectiva linux 5.1 (brazilian distribuition like redhat)
sendmail 8.9.3, apache 1.3.12.

sorry, my english is poor, but my soul is better :)

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