[Mailman-Users] New List, new admin

Charlie Farinella cfarinella at appropriatesolutions.com
Thu Feb 15 15:50:05 CET 2001

I have taken on a mailman installation with two working mailing lists.

I am attempting to add a third, and did so following the instructions, and
using the two existing lists as  examples.  The list is created, I get my
admin email, go to the site and register only to have the mail bounce with
the error "User Unknown".  

Reading through the archives, it would appear that this could be an alias
problem.  I have entered the correct information in /etc/postfix/aliases
and run 'newaliases'.  

I am overlooking something fundamental here, and would appreciate any
pointers, hints, relevent docs, etc.


Charlie Farinella
Appropriate Solutions, Inc.

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