[Mailman-Users] Stupid Headers

Thomas Hillson hillson at iastate.edu
Fri Feb 16 20:17:26 CET 2001

>Jeez.  Time for the asbestos suits.

This was not a fire storm I started but I got irritated at.

>Mr. Hillson, Ed, and others should realize that honey catches more
>flies than vinegar.  And that the majority of Mailman developers
>aren't being paid for this work.  Don't try to fire volunteers.
>They're hard to find.

I do not want to fire them, I want the people who are responsible
to respond in a responsible manner. The comments sent to Ed were
very irritating and that stimulated me to fire back. I do development
work and if I had time I would volunteer to get involved here. I
like Mailman, it is simple and easy to use, but I see a few hundred
items on the wish list and see a need for help, but then I see
comments like the ones sent to Ed on this list, and I go why would
I want to help these guys.

>A question to Mr. Hillson and others, though.  If you're just
>doing announcement lists.  Why bother with Mailman?  A simple alias
>list under any reasonable MTA should be more than sufficient to
>the job.   Then you don't get _any_ headers from the list

I use a List Manager, because then I do not have to update 25+
users address books every time a new person is added to or leaves
the lists. It is easier than updating the sendmail aliases on
the server every time there is a change. Mailman is a great program
but I modified it to fit my needs and will continue to do so.

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