[Mailman-Users] New Installation Problems

John Graf john at remuda.net
Tue Feb 27 21:35:20 CET 2001

Well, I think I solved the problem myself.  I added "localhost.localdomain" 
to my access.db and gave it relaying permissions.  I am sure that this is a 
work-around and that I have something misconfigured in mailman, but I can't 
find it.

At any rate, everyone is getting their messages now.


At 09:14 AM 2/27/2001 -0800, you wrote:
>I hate to ask a question that has probably been asked a dozen times, but I 
>have not been able to find an answer by searching the archives, the readme 
>files, or the web.
>I have a new installation of Mailman (2.0beta5-1) on a Redhat 6.2 box with 
>Sendmail.  I moved my list of 218 members from a listbot server, and 
>everything SEEMS to work fine, except that a large number of the 218 
>members aren't getting messages.
>There is nothing in the error log, but the bounce log is filling up with 
>entries.  I did a grep on a few addresses that aren't getting the mail and 
>I see:
>         name at hotmail.com - 2 more allowed over 278543 secs
>         name at hotmail.com - 1 more allowed over 2xxxxx secs
>         name at hotmail.com - 0 more allowed over 2xxxxx secs
>         name at hotmail.com - 0 more allowed over 2xxxxx secs
>         etc . . .
>I can use sendmail to get to these addresses just fine, btw.  Any help 
>would be appreciated!
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