[Mailman-Users] exim/mailman problems

Jeffrey A Schoolcraft dream at dr3amscap3.com
Thu Jul 5 20:06:20 CEST 2001

I did a search through the exim archives and it was suggested that this
be done:

If you still have trouble, try:

exim -d 9 -bt users at warpspeed.net.au

and look in the debugging output for where it is running the
"list_director" director (should be at the end, just before it decides
to send an error message)

In particular, look for sth like:

calling list_director director
require_files = /var/lib/mailman/lists/eng/config.db
test existence of /var/lib/mailman/lists/eng/config.db
  required present, EACCES => unknown

I used my listname of course, and I found the section talked about and
it was a success.
* Jeffrey A Schoolcraft (dream at dr3amscap3.com) wrote:
> I'm running Debian unstable, exim, mailman 2.0.5, and kernel 2.4.5.
> I followed the mailman install docs to the T, except, I used the exim
> howto use mailman lists before setting up a new list.  
> I am having problems sending mail to lists, lists-request, etc.  I'm
> getting returned 2 from transport every time.
> Has anyone seen this and know how to fix it?  I'd be very appreciative.
> Jeffrey Schoolcraft
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