[Mailman-Users] Please Help!

Tracy Gibson tracy at tntgibson.com
Mon Jul 9 17:13:12 CEST 2001

I enter my welcome message that is supposed to be prepended to the standard
welcome message.  I did a test subscribe, confirmed, and then received the
welcome message and this is what it looked like:

Welcome to the Tntmommyzine at tntgibson.com mailing list! Around the
15th of the month, you will be receiving your first issue of TnTMom's
Mommy-Zine.  This ezine is distributed by subscription only.  If you
wish to unsubscribe, you can find instructions at the end of every
issue.  The purpose of this email is to introduce myself and the format of
Mommy-Zine.  ------------------------------------------------------------
------------------------------------------------------------  My name is
Tracy Gibson.  I am TnTMom, your AnswerMom on the Web.  I
don't have all the answers, but I want to share with you what I have
learned from being a parent for almost 17 years.  My husband, Tim and
I have five daughters, ranging in age from 16 to 4 years.  What you learn
from me will not necessarily fit your family.  I hope
you will take my ideas and tips, mull them over, adjust them for your
situation, and find what works for
ou.  ------------------------------------------------------------ Format of
TnTMom's Mommy-Zine
------------------------------------------------------------  =>Feature
Article In each issue, there will be a feature article about
parenting ususally written by me.  =>Tip for Moms A tip to make your job, as
mom, easier.  =>Book Review A review of a book that has helped me in my life
as a
mom and a woman.  =>Focus on... An internet resource for different aspects
of a mom's
job. Education of children, homemaking, child discipline, cooking,
etc.  =>Feedback from Our Readers Selected comments from our readers will be
posted here.  =>Guest Column A helpful parenting article from a guest
columnist.  =>Classified Ads Two paid classified ads and one free ad for
subscribers will be listed here. (One free ad per subscriber.  Free
subscriber ads will be posted on a first come, first served
asis.)  ------------------------------------------------------------  If you
prefer the web-based version with clickable table of contents
visit: http://www.tntgibson.com/mommyzine/ You will also find past
issues there.  If you have not yet visited my website.  You will find it at
http://www.tntgibson.com.  If you have a parenting question or you want to
share a helpful tip.
Visit the Answer Boards at http://www.tntgibson.com/answerboards.html.

 Thank you for subscribing.  Tracy Gibson TnTMom http://www.tntgibson.com
mailto:tracy at tntgibson.com?subject=mzjun01  Tell a friend to subscribe:

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password to you.

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> >when I add my welcome letter and it arrives at
> >in my email, it is a jagged mess.
> What do you mean by that?
> Give us the facts instead of your opinion :-)
> >Please Help!
> What kind of solution are you looking for?
> Regards,
> René Pijlman
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