[Mailman-Users] Setting up qmail + Mailman on FreeBSD 3.4 (was: Re: help with rather time-sensitive

Amanda arandall at auntminnie.com
Fri Jul 13 04:21:12 CEST 2001

You know what? I really hate it when people say things like this. It's all bluff and blunder - "Well, I'm not using that, so whatever you're using must obviously suck, because everyone knows my way is the best
way!" Gimme a break...

The OS has been just fine in regards to stability ... far more than the old RH server in the other office in fact. (I'm not bashing RH, either - I've had some very good experiences with it.) I'd like to point out,
though, that the OS, IMHO, is not the problem. Not even remotely. Even with my managing to do some pretty stupid stuff on that machine, it was up for thirty-two days (after powering down to install a shiny new
100mb NIC) when monsoons hit and knocked out the power to half the building.

FWIW, at least in this instance, Drake didn't install with *any* MTA, though there was an RPM for Sendmail with the "extra stuff." And, well, I hate sendmail with a seething passion. I don't care if other people
use it, and I think it's great that there's some people here who've gotten it to work with a great deal of success, and someday I may ask them how they did it.... but I ain't volunteerin' to put it on anything I
have to administer. :-)

I chose to set up qmail because that's what I know. It works, it's tidy, it's secure, and frankly, if it didn't work with Mailman, I would think that would have been mentioned in the same place where it says
Sendmail is not the best of ideas for use with Mailman.

If you would like to drive to Southern Arizona and set up Postfix, be my guest. I know next to nothing about Postfix - no, actually, I know nothing about Postfix - and so I have no objections to it other than the
fact that I do not have time to learn to administer another MTA right now. So after you set it up, you'll have to hang around for a few weeks until I can devote some time to learning how to manage it. But if you're
willing to do all of that just so you can prove that yours is bigger than mine, I'll send you directions.


"Bob Puff at NLE" wrote:

> Amanda,
> Why are you running Mandrake 8?  That IMHO is bleeding edge, and not stable for a production server.  I run 7.1, which I think is their last "stable" release.  7.2 had some bizzare library compilation problems.
> I believe Mandrake defaults to Postfix for a mail transport, which works very nicely with Mailman.  You might want to give it a try.
> Bob
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