[Mailman-Users] Serious help and explanation requested

Simon Troup simon.troup at digitalmusicart.com
Mon Jul 16 23:36:18 CEST 2001

Can anyone please explain why, after joining the Mailman Users mailing list,
I have been bombarded by dozens of emails that appear to orinate form
mailing lists at portal2.com and outblaze.com and are addressed to
sardy5 at graffiti.net (not me !! My email appears in "Envelope to").

I also received over 4,000 (yes 4,000) bounced emails telling me that my
(not actually my but sardy5 at graffiti.net) subscription to some mailing list
had failed.

This has wasted an entire day for me.

If you know what link there is between Mailman and portal2.com or
outblaze.com please let me know. How could the emails get mixed up like

I have now received mail from the Mailman Developers list addressed to
sardy5 at graffiti.net which is why I am posting here. My emails to
outblaze.com have gone unanswered and now I am desperate to stop this
unwanted bombardment of mail.

Is someone collecting email addresses from the Mailman mailing lists ???

Any help greatly appreciated, I only want to receive my own mail, and
getting dozens and dozens of misdirected mail on my sad English 56k
connection is killing my system.

Simon Troup
simon.troup at digitalmusicart.com 
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