[Mailman-Users] Potential customer w/ question

Barry A. Warsaw barry at zope.com
Thu Jul 26 06:43:15 CEST 2001

>>>>> "KF" == Ken Freed <kenfreed at kf.com> writes:

    KF> I'm in my final decision-making process about which webhost to
    KF> use.  I'm interested in using Mailman over Majordomo because
    KF> of the web- based interface for fast, intuitive
    KF> subscribe/unsubscribe by users. But I'm still hoping to get a
    KF> look at the web-based administrative interface for Mailman.
    KF> Can you give me a site with a demo of the admin tools?

I've been thinking about how (and where) I can put up a demo of MM2.1
that people could play with, but could not be (ab)used for spamming
purposes.  I think I know what I need to do, but it's a matter of
finding the resources (both time and system) to do it.

So at the moment I don't have a good way for someone to look at the
web interface.

    KF> Also, and this is critical, I also must know if all the
    KF> software is installed in my site directory, or if anything has
    KF> to be in the server's root directory.  If all of Mailman works
    KF> from my site directory only, I may be in business.

Mailman itself can install just about anywhere, as can Python.  But
you will have to get some cooperation from your web hoster in order to
hook Mailman up to the system's mail and web servers.


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