[Mailman-Users] Preferred order for updating Python & Mailman? Was -- Re: Prepping for MM2.1

Barry A. Warsaw barry at zope.com
Thu Jul 26 07:06:44 CEST 2001

    MM> Does this argue for doing the following?

         -- MM 2.05 now
         -- Py 2.1
         -- Re-compile / re-install MM 2.05 for that Py
         -- At leisure come back to this for MM 2.1

Ouch, Mailman 1.0.  I don't think I even /remember/ what that was like
(blocked it from my mind most likely ;).

Note that if you upgrade Python to 2.1.1, /and/ you use the same
executable for Zope, you will likely have to upgrade Zope to 2.4.0 as
well, since I believe it's the virst version that plays nicely with
Python 2.1.1.

The issue for both is that Python 2.1.1 deprecates several things that
will eventually be removed, e.g. the regexp module.  If any of these
deprecated thingies are used, Python 2.1.1 will spit out warnings,
although they will continue to work.  Where this bites Mailman is in
the cron scripts.  E.g. older Mailman import the regexp module, Python
2.1 spits out warnings, cron mails them to you.  Imagine for a moment
the effect that a cron-inspired once-per-minute qrunner will do to
your inbox in this situation.  ... eh, see? :)

MM2.0.6 (as of today, the latest micro patch release) plays just fine
with any Python from 1.5.2 on up, perhaps modulo the latest Python 2.2
alphas (which you don't care about).  So my suggestion would be

    - Upgrade to MM2.0.6 now
    - Leave Python at 1.5.2
    - Take a nice vacation

When you're ready to upgrade to Zope 2.4 and/or to Mailman 2.1, then
first upgrade to Python 2.1.1, and then the applications.


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