[Mailman-Users] Preferred order for updating Python & Mailman? Was -- Re: Prepping for MM2.1

Mitchell Marks mitchell at walrus.uchicago.edu
Wed Jul 25 18:07:00 CEST 2001

In the next week or two, I'd like to upgrade to current versions of both 
Python and Mailman -- or maybe wait a little longer if that would mean MM 
2.1 would be available.   Now Python is 1.5.2, Mailman is, um, well, 
1.0.  Our main use of Python is for Mailman, but we do have a couple things 
in Zope that we'd rather not break, given a choice.

Is there a better order for which one to update first and which after?

I've been assuming the right update order would be Python first, then 
Mailman  -- on some pretty vague reasoning having to do with Python 
probably being a little trickier, and with avoiding re-installing Mailman 
extra times.  But BAW's reply below mentions warnings in a context that 
sounds like issues between Py 2.1 and even slightly earlier MM.  Is my very 
early MM going to have an even harder time dealing with an up-to-date 
Python?  Does this argue for doing the following?

         -- MM 2.05 now
         -- Py 2.1
         -- Re-compile / re-install MM 2.05 for that Py
         -- At leisure come back to this for MM 2.1

Thanks for your advice,

Mitch Marks

At 11:34 PM 7/24/01, BAW wrote:

>     SB> It's currently running Python 1.5.2 - but of course, I'll need
>     SB> 2.0 or better for MM2.1.  IF I install Python 2.x right now,
>     SB> will I have to recompile the MM 2.0.x that I'm currently
>     SB> running?
>I don't think so, although if you upgrade to Python 2.1, be sure to
>upgrade to the latest Mailman 2.0.x so you aren't bombarded by cron

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