[Mailman-Users] Archiver not stripping [foo] prefix

Andrew Kuchling akuchlin at mems-exchange.org
Tue Jul 31 17:55:53 CEST 2001

Mailman 2.05 doesn't seem to strip the [foo] prefix from Subject:
headers, resulting in an archive that looks like this:

     * [mems-talk] DRIE service?   Lihua Li
     * [mems-talk] Developing high Aspect Ratio SU8 Photoresist
       Feteih at aol.com
     * [mems-talk] Information   Mohammad Abbas Khan
     * [mems-talk] Bonding PDMS to SU-8   Jamil El-Ali
     * [mems-talk] Polyimide processing   gururaj shenoy

I vaguely recall Pipermail doing this way back when.  Before I write a
patch implementing it, can anyone remember if there's a reason it was
taken out?


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