[Mailman-Users] Instability of Mailman or ?

Mark Roedel MarkRoedel at letu.edu
Tue Jun 12 21:43:50 CEST 2001

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> Subject: [Mailman-Users] Instability of Mailman or ?
> Is Mailman 2.0.1 that unstable or is it my webhost's servers -- every 
> week I have to contact them for support for something that has gone 
> wrong with my list. Today, again, no mail is being delivered. :(

Do your support staff give you any idea what the problem was, or what
they had to do to correct it?  That might give us something to go on in
identifying where, exactly, the problem lies.

I've been running Mailman since the 2.0betas, and haven't had any
ongoing stability problems, although I'll admit I don't have any
particularly high-traffic lists at the moment.  And I don't see anything
in the changelog since 2.0.1 that looks like it was meant to address the
sort of issue you seem to be describing (although you certainly haven't
given much in the way of detail upon which to make that judgment...)
> While we experienced missing mail when Yahoo/eGroups/Onelist served
> the list, at least there was a website archive from which to read and
> post mail.

Mailman does website archiving as well, if it's configured to do so.
You'd still be without the web-based posting, but I'd venture that it
might be better than nothing.  Perhaps something else to ask your
support folks about...

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