[Mailman-Users] Instability of Mailman or ?

Louiza louiza at home.com
Wed Jun 13 22:55:10 CEST 2001

At 7:44 AM -0700 6/13/01, JC Dill wrote:
>This is sloppy and unprofessional "support".  You have email that is 
>being sent to them that they are not processing and delivering! 
>That's a BIG PROBLEM and they are treating it like a minor issue. 
>I'd get in their face to fix it, AND I'd start looking for a new 

I have been attempting to kick some butt all day today. I passed on 
the suggestions offered here by others and I have conducted a few 
tests of my own.

People who have not been receiving mail from the list since Monday 
evening, including myself, are still not receiving mail even though I 
have been told "everything should be working fine now".

I just received another reply from tech support. I demanded that I be 
told what steps have been taken to fix the problem and asked if they 
had done the following:

"Also, your
webhost should check for stale locks that might be gumming up that
particular list (if other lists are getting messages).  Have them look
and see if qfiles/ is filling up or not."

as Barry suggested, and the fellow said he checked the lock and fixed 
it. But he didn't give me any other information concerning what other 
stuff he'd already done.

This morning, I used another e-mail account from a third-party ISP 
and subscribed to the list. I am receiving the list mail through this 
account only.

Plus, I have sent myself (to my primary ISP e-mail addy) two test 
messages from a pop account at my website and have not received them. 
I have already determined that the problem does not lie with my local 
ISP, as I am receiving other test messages and other mail just fine.

>That said, can the list make any recommendations for a GOOD web host 
>provider who offers mailman lists to their users?

aarrggh! I only signed up with this host in March and am paid-in 
full, so I would lose quite a bit of money if I left now. Plus, this 
host was referred to me by a trusted friend who has had multiple 
accounts with them for quite some time. However, she has never run a 
mailing list through them! :(

Thanks for your help. Sorry about being so grumpy.



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