[Mailman-Users] Sending without implicit approval

Martin Foster martinf at control-f1.com
Thu Jun 14 00:38:15 CEST 2001

I am trying to migrate from Majordomo 1.9.x which has serious problems
specially in regards to sending out mail to 500+ individuals at a
time.   The only disadvantage I can find to GNU Mailman is the simple
fact that I can't seem to create a base list of people and have all
lists draw from that for 'sending without implicit approval.'

This normally would not be a problem, as we could simply do this
manually.  However, in time this may get to be a rather large hassle.  
Is there a way to keep all of the lists synchronized in such a way that
they all have the same implicit sending list?   I would even gladly
write a script if I knew how to directly modify the list to take on this

Is there a way to create a symbolic link from file to file somewhat
forcing the issue?  Just a thought any others?

					Martin Foster
					martinf at control-f1.com

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