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Enriko Groen enriko.groen at netivity.nl
Tue Jun 19 10:07:24 CEST 2001

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> From: Shannon Anderson [mailto:sanderson at squidworks.net]

> OK I got the list-request wrapper to work by creating a Alias to it in
> sendmail
> ("logical" not exact wordings)
> list-request =  Sendtoprogram  /etc/smrsh/mailman_wrapper 
> mailcmd listname
> and now do the same thing but change mailcmd to post? for the 
> "listname"
> wrapper.

Yep... just run "bin/newlist" for a testlist to get a template.
When you run newlist you will get four aliases lines at the end. It isn't
quite clear that these have to be inserted in your aliases file manually,
but you have to.

> Now is there a way built in to automate this process of adding in the
> Aliases or do i need to offer up a perl script to do that for 
> me and any one
> else having similar problems.

There is no way to automate it, yet.
You'll have to insert the aliases in your aliases file when you create a new

But AFAIR this is scheduled to be in the next (2.1) release.
Although I can imagine this is quite hard with all the different MTA's
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