[Mailman-Users] Newbie help with news2email

J.D. Bronson lists at xpec.com
Fri Jun 29 02:01:41 CEST 2001


I have configured mailman and since I can run groups and everything seems 
to be working correctly, i wanted to know if there is a web site out there 
that can explain how to do this following thing:

I want to setup mailman so that a user can subscribe to a usenet group and 
have it delivered via mailman to their personal email and hence not have to 
'read' news using a news reader!

I know this is possible, but I cannot find any docs on how to do it.

I know the newserver IP/name and it is not on the same machine as mailman 
is running on.

One of the groups I am interested in for example is:

Newsgroups: comp.unix.solaris

Any help for this 'new' guy would be appreciated. Since I have come this 
far on my own, I dont think that I am too far off!

TIA for any help offered.

J.D. Bronson
Aurora Health Care
Information Systems
Milwaukee Wisconsin USA
Main Office: 414.978.8282

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