[Mailman-Users] no response after confirmation

Heiss Konrad konrad.heiss at tiwag.co.at
Thu Mar 1 11:38:27 CET 2001


I've installed mailman completly new from the debian dpkg
Everything is running fine except:
if a user subscribes, he get the confirmation mail. He replys the mail and

In the mailman log this User is marked as "pending"

I use exim as MTA and I know, there where additional adjustings with earlyer
Versions of mailman. But I cannot find any remarks about using exim?

You can visit my Server running mailman (to see all config-files):
use: ssh
server: mail.aio4u.com
user: gast
password: passwd

Please return a tip where I can get help!

Heiss Konrad

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