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Patriot room_mailman at bbs.pixel.citadel.org
Thu Mar 1 22:46:00 CET 2001

Subject: [Mailman-Users] Re: Cron jobs
On 3/1/01 12:11 PM, "Robert Brandtjen" <rob at prometheusmedia.com> wrote:

Ok, let me clarify a little more (after looking through the crontab), is it
necessary for qrunner to try resending every minute or can this be changed
to once every 30 minutes?

Also, what is gated_news ? I found nothing in FAQ on that, it says it can be
commented out, but what is it's purpose?


That's the usernenet-e-mail mailinglist gatewaying.  Commenting it out in crontab will
shurtt down news gatewaying., if you set it up.

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