[Mailman-Users] stupidest question of all

RoB-O robo at antileague.com
Wed Mar 7 08:24:46 CET 2001

On Tue, 06 Mar 2001, Christopher Kolar wrote:
Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with 100%...  I think it is quite a bother to
download a tarball, untar it, to then read the install notes to find i need to
take many addtional steps to even begin to untar the files again  ( and most
times in a different location) to make a install!! what is the time frame to
create a html printable version of the install docs ?? minutes ???

 > At 01:16 PM 3/6/2001, Ashley M. Kirchner wrote: > >Christopher Kolar wrote:
> >
> > > I run W2K on my office machine,
> > > so downloading and untarring stuff on my server still does not give me
> > > something that I can print right away.
> >
> >     Why not?  I run Win98, I download, untar the file (through WinZip), 
> > open the
> >INSTALL files up in whatever word processor I have, and hit the print button.
> >What's wrong with that?
> >     AMK4
> Nothing is wrong with that, but it is a question of user 
> expectations.  When there is a link that says Installation the user expects 
> information about installation, not about where to find the information 
> about installation.  The most frequent question that I get from people 
> grabbing the admin docs is asking about an online version of the install 
> docs.  When I come across a site like this I want to get a quick idea of 
> what I will required to do to get things up and running, so quick access to 
> the install docs without having to bother with a tarball download and the 
> above mentioned steps would be useful.  This seems like a simple web site 
> usability issue that could be taken care of by a few links to the .txt files.
> --chris
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