[Mailman-Users] Partially figured out

Susanne Bullo - Personal sweetsue at hell.com
Wed Mar 7 17:40:22 CET 2001

Ok, with some help from another on this list, I figured out how to configure
for qmail.  Here's my problem now.  As I have a control panel in place that
has some specifics about it (Plesk), if I send email via telnet, it's done

 /usr/sbin/sendmail.plesk listname at list.domain.com

 This arrives to the list as I receive a notification of having a pending
task sent by a person not on the list.  But if I attempt to send via my
email program, it will not get sent.  I don't even receive an error - it
seems to just sort of disappear.

 Is there someway to see how mail is sent and perhaps modify some file to
use /usr/sbin/sendmail.plesk?

 Thanks in advance again all!

 Susanne Bullo
Sweet Homes Web Services

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