[Mailman-Users] The perennial question: Moving lists?

Orion (Steve Pirk) orion at deathcon.com
Fri Mar 9 03:28:45 CET 2001

The way I did it was to tar up the entire contents of
/home/mailman making sure that file ownership and permissions
were retained in the tar file.

I then extracted the tarball into /home/mailman on the target
machine. I added the aliases, and installed the crontab stuff.
I then configured the web server to "mimic" the old machine's
site (with a new 3rd level name - newmail.somedomain.com where
the old one was mail.somedomain.com).

Optional step: Since my old mailman was a previous version, I
downloaded and installed the new version over the old. It seemed 
to convert all lists and html stuff fine.

Once I actually got it all working (web and the ablility to sign
up as a new user), I then switched DNS to point all mail to the
new box (changed mx record). I then changed DNS for the web server.

I then sent a test message out to the list (late in the evening).
By the time anyone replied, the DNS changes were being seen by the
users (mx was the moost important). I have not seen any messages
go to the old server since then.

Hope this give you a broad overview. I believe I covered all the
steps. This methos would probably not work well in moving one list
from server "A" to an existing mailman install on server "B". I was
not able to install a "single" list into an existing installation.

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On Thu, 8 Mar 2001, Tom Geller wrote:

> I went through the archives and noticed that someone asks the same 
> question every month: "How do I move a list from one machine to 
> another?". But no-one every answers it!
> But what the hell -- I'll try my hand. Here goes... Umm... How do I 
> move a list from one machine to another? It seems this is something 
> that should be in the FAQ...
> Thanks,
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