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Patriot room_mailman at bbs.pixel.citadel.org
Sat Mar 10 14:08:49 CET 2001

 > [#NEBBLIAKPKOJGNMGEGOOOEKPCFAA.Charles at Jury.Com] Mar 10 2001 1:41am 
from Charles F. Benninghoff III <Charles at Jury.Com>      
 >Subject: [Mailman-Users] Installation of MailMan     
 >Just starting up a web server is a daunting task.  Even more daunting is 
 >installing MailMan.     
 >Who can do that for me?  What might be the cost?     
 >I have a RAQ 3i server with 20 Gigs of space.     
 I can do it, and I won't even charge.  I like to see things work.   
 smw at pixel.citadel.org if you want to contact me about it.  

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