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Matt Thoene lists at thoene.net
Tue Mar 13 18:14:45 CET 2001

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As has been discussed to death on this list, many of us are using
demime.  Search for it with Google.  There is a competitor as well;
both Perl scripts I believe.

Vincent Homans wrote:
> I guess it should be not to difficult to do it with lynx
> if you cat the email in a temporary file >/tmp/tmp$PIDdagmama.html
> and then you proces it something like
> lynx -dump /tmp/tmp$PIDdagmama.html > /tmp/file.txt
> and then mail this text.
> Just a wild guess, but maybe this heps you on the way.
> Bye,
> vincent
> On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, Mike Wronski wrote:
> > Is anyone integrating a script that removes HTML from mail messages
before forwarding? If so, what are you using and how did you integrate it?
I am thinking that this would make a nice entry on the mailman wishlist..
> >
> > -M
> >

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::Is there any way we can get our mail list to deliver all of our
::mail in plain
::text only?
::That option is available for digest users but not for the individual
::emails  we are getting a lot of HTML coding inside the mail that
::is delivered.
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