[Mailman-Users] How can I prevent auto-responses on subscription-requests?

M.Mayer at mainwork.com M.Mayer at mainwork.com
Wed Mar 14 10:54:11 CET 2001

I run mailman version 2.0 and want to prevent that mailman sends
auto-messages to persons who request to join the list (via the -request

I've selected the following settings:

Membership Management:
Send Welcome message to this batch? "no"

Should Mailman send an auto-response to emails sent to the -request
address? If you choose yes, decide whether you want Mailman to discard the
original email, or forward it on to the system as a normal mail command.

But each time someone requests approval to subscribe the list. he or she
gets a notification, that the subscription request has been forwarded to
the list administrator for review.
Is there any possibility to prevent this ?

Can anyone give me an advice ?

markus mayer

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