[Mailman-Users] how does mailman get its mails?

Arthur J. Byrnes abyrnes at stetson.edu
Thu Mar 15 21:16:15 CET 2001

At 02:02 PM 3/15/01 -0600, MAILMAN Server wrote:
>really silly question indeed :(
>If I have multiple mailing lists called, a-list b-list ...
>do I have to have mail-alias for all this mail-idents on my mail-server?
>also, the default setting for the mailbox of my sendmail is 
>I mean the location of mailboxes.  Does mailman know how to 
>find this by itself,
>or do i have to configure it?

The key is the code that mailman gives you to add to your 
aliases file, when you create a new list.  So, yes you need to 
have an alias for each list, but mailman provides the code for 
you to just append to the file.

There are really no mailboxes for each list, instead the alias 
list sends mailman bound mail to the "wrapper" program which 
processes the mail.

Arthur J. Byrnes
Unix System Administrator
Center for Information Technology
Stetson University,  DeLand, Florida

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