[Mailman-Users] Large List Problem on Admin Screen

Dave Klingler davek at mail.commercedata.com
Fri Mar 16 18:49:38 CET 2001

Hi Dean.

> When I try to post a newsletter to the list
> it seems to be fine.  Except it _doesn't_
> get sent and then when I try to access any
> of the admin area for that list, the browser
> hangs.  Also a number of lock files are 
> generated and the CPU increases for around
> 10 minutes.  No matter what I do after this
> I cant access the admin area.


- permissions (you might look in the error logs if you haven't already)
  Everything ought to work okay as mailman.mailman.

- paths & other defaults
  Try su'ing as mailman, then running 'python -S qrunner'.

- your MTA
  Make sure you can 'telnet hostname 25' okay, and that there isn't anything
  in your MTA log or the smtp log under mailman.

I've had problems similar to the one you're having for all three of the above
reasons.  Sometimes I'd get a log entry or a tracepath, sometimes not.  Your
browser is probably hanging while it waits for an empty page, a page where
the headers have been sent but nothing else.

Dave Klingler 

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