[Mailman-Users] Wrong sender: header

Clifton Grimm ckgrimm at qx.net
Tue Mar 20 05:32:49 CET 2001

Hello all -

I have Mailman 2.0.2 running smoothly on RH7 - virtual host setup and that 
part works fine.

However, when a member posts to the list, the mail goes out with the 
following problems:

the  Sender: headers are using the wrong host name. It's like sendmail is 
not recognizing that the virtual host should be sending the mail, because 
the host name used is the default host name.

Ex:  default machine name is foo.com

virtual host setup is bar.com

list is list at bar.com

every header is correct in mail sent from list at bar.com except the sender, 
which reads:

Sender: list-admin at foo.com

Also, the admin mails (subscription notices, etc.) are sent with the same 
wrong sender and also a wrong From: header - i.e. list-admin at foo.com...

I seem to remember doing something about this problem when I setup the 
previous rev. of Mailman on a RH6 box about a year ago, but I sure can't 
remember what it is, and I've spent about 3 hours searching the archives 
(searching and also looking the old-fashioned way) to no avail.


Clifton Grimm
ckgrimm at qx.net

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