[Mailman-Users] Request For Prices List Of Massmailling Softwares

Peter Hutnick peter-lists at hutnick.com
Tue Mar 20 16:33:53 CET 2001


Mailman is a mailinglist management program.  It is not a mass mailer.

It is designed to allow a large number of users to mail each other,
not for a single person to mail a lot of people.  For instantce, a
bunch of people taking the same programming class might have a list,
or a bunch of people who are all over the world working on a piece of
software might have a list.

As for pricing, Mailman is Free Software (see
http://www.fsf.org/philosophy) which means that you may use it for
free, share it with other people, make changes (it includes source
code) and even share your changes, as long as you share them in source
form (binaries are okay, but binary only is not.)

Good luck!

>   a.. 
>           M/s Investments & Consultants Registered.
>   NOTE :       1.    RN - RF-ICT/4319 Of 1998 .
>                   2.    STN- 07-01-8471-017-91 Dtd- 13-10-1998.
>                   3.    NTN- 18-07-0999970 Dtd- 7-1-1998.
>   Good Day To You
>             Please send us detailed information about your
>             Massmailling Softwares systems including the best
>             prices plus the Distributor Discounts offerred if we
>             take up to do so and for details about me and my
>             organization please visit our Company website at    
>             http://www.mailmeenjoy.com.pk  .
>   b..  
>   c..  
>   d.. Hoping for an early and positive response
>   Thanks
>   Sincerely Yours,
>   Manager - Ahmad Imran

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