[Mailman-Users] Keeping spam off open lists

JC Dill mailman at vo.cnchost.com
Wed Mar 21 20:14:11 CET 2001

Does mailman have a configuration setting such that everyone who is 
subscribed to a list can post unmoderated, but email from a non-subscriber 
will be sent to a moderator for approval?

If so, can *this* list please be appropriately configured?

If you want to let non-subscribers post without moderation (a practice that 
I personally feel has dubious value, since their question might be answered 
in a post to the list, perhaps in response to someone else asking the same 
question, but they won't see it because they aren't subscribed), how about 
adding a simple filter such as if the non-subscriber's post mentions 
"mailman", let it through to the list unmoderated, otherwise it goes to the 

It shouldn't be THAT hard for someone who writes mailing list software to 
come up with an easy and simple way to keep spammers off their own 
software-users mailing list.


On 10:08 PM 3/20/01, a spammer sent wrote:
 >Let me just take a minute of your time....
 >24x7 Online Chat Support  must always have been a
 >This is a one time mail, you need not send
 >REMOVE / UNSUBSCRIBE information.
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