[Mailman-Users] Users being disabled.

Stu Ekins stu at ekins.net
Fri Mar 23 15:44:53 CET 2001

Hi all,

One of the lists on my server currently has in excess of 1000 users. Every
so often, some users have their delivery automatically disabled for no
apparent reason, although it seems to happen after they post. So far it
seems only to be happening to digest members but it may be that regular list
members have simply not complained.

I'd say there are about 5 or 6 accounts that are regularly affected in this
way and perhaps a couple more that have had it happen just once or twice.

The box is RedHat 7.0 with mailman 2.0.1 	and using a sendmail version 8.11

Has anybody had any similar problems? The logs show very little that I can
see -- although the affected users all appear in the bounce log from time to
time, so do many others who don't get disabled. That said, I only ever see
"first" for the affected users, not "first fresh". Does anybody know how the
bouncing stuff works in detail?

Any help appreciated,


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