[Mailman-Users] Virtual Host problems

Doug Alcorn doug at lathi.net
Sat Mar 24 05:59:14 CET 2001

"Kathleen Weaver" <kathleen at augustmail.com> writes:

> A List works fine on the main domain, but if I try to set up a list
> on a virtual domain, the list messages go to default email address
> for the site, instead of being posted on the list.

I think this is an MTA problem.  I had the same thing with sendmail.
In a virtual hosting scenario, all the aliases are defined in the
virtuserstable (including the catchall); but the mailman aliases are
defined in the 'aliases' file.  The problem was that the sendmail
catchall was getting evaluated before the actual aliases.  

What I did was define an alias different than the actual list name.
For instance if the list is 'my-list at your.domain', I put an entry in
the virtusertable for 'my-list at your.domain' equal to 'my-list-alias'.
Then in the aliases file I setup the standard aliases as are spit out
from the make list command but with my-list-alias instead of my-list.

It looks like you might be running smail as opposed to sendmail.  I'm
sure the procedure is different.  This is just what I had to do to get
it to work with sendmail.  You should probably look at the order the
aliases get evaluated with your MTA.
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