[Mailman-Users] Mailman and I18N?

Jérôme Loisel jerome at levinux.org
Thu Mar 29 18:44:59 CEST 2001


First, I would like to thank all Mailman developers. It is a great piece of 
software and I appreciate it. (Of course, I would also like to thank the 
Academy. But that is another story entirely.)

Is Mailman I18Ned? Has French localization been written yet? The webpage does 
not mention this: I have looked in the FAQ. I have also looked at the 
features list and the to-do list... And in my mind, I18N belongs in one of 
those two places. :-)

Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

Jérôme Loisel

Jérôme Loisel
Lévinux: GNU/Linux dans les communautés à Lévis

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