[Mailman-Users] Mailan return address problem

David Swanger swangdb at mail.auburn.edu
Thu Mar 29 22:47:03 CEST 2001

I installed Mailman on a Sun Sparc server, Solaris 2.8.
The name of the server is:  

So far it seems to work fine, EXCEPT...

I created a mailing list named test.  When I subscribed myself
to the test mailing list, I received a confirmation message.
The return address from this message was not correct, it

   From: test-request at aulist.aulist.duc.auburn.edu
It should have been: 

   From: test-request at aulist.duc.auburn.edu

I have the following variable set for DEFAULT_HOST_NAME:

Defaults.py:DEFAULT_HOST_NAME   = 'aulist'
mm_cfg.py:DEFAULT_HOST_NAME   = 'aulist.duc.auburn.edu'

How can I fix this?


David Swanger
Office of Information Technology
Auburn University, AL
swangdb at mail.auburn.edu

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