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Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Wed Nov 7 04:38:34 CET 2001

Stop the cron and submit some messages, then run the cron commands manually 
and monitor the progress of the messages by looking at the various logs, 
queues, and files that are moved and created.

It's educational and can lead you to where things break down.

Jon Carnes

(BTW: I would have guessed that the problem was that the cron was not 

On Tuesday 06 November 2001 18:22, jgo wrote:
> Mac OS X.1
> mailman 2.0.6
> sendmail 8.10.2
> I've finally gotten it to the point that people can get to the
> web pages, do the sign up, receive the "please confirm" message.
> But that's as far as it seems to go.
> When I look in mailman's subscribe log, I see that the
> request is pending; the smtp log is a sequence of
> "smtp for 1 recips, completed", and the error log is empty.
> When I look in sendmail's log, I see that the response to
> the confirmation request has been received from whomever,
> and sent to the listname-admin address with stat=Sent.
> The crontab looks reasonable, cron is running...
> I found several references to "pending" status in recent
> digests, but don't see analogs to the files folks were
> recommended to check on other OSs.
> What should I look at next?
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