[Mailman-Users] (?) Rebuilding Archives from .txt files

Jay Leafey jleafey at utmem.edu
Wed Nov 28 18:05:00 CET 2001

I was recently called in to resolve a problem with a MailMan installation where faulty permission settings had basically ruined the archives.  The archive directories are in place and seem to be populated, but the 'index.html' file in the archive directory is zero-length.  I fixed the permissions on the directories and the archive index.html is now being build, but only reflecting the current month's traffic.  Is there a way to rebuild the index.html to pick up all the older messages?  I looked at bin/arch but it appears to need an mbox file to work with and (sigh!) the permissions problem had stopped the mbox files from being created.  Could I just concatenate the .txt files and use that?  Is there a supported method of doing this?

Jay Leafey
University of Tennessee Health Science Center
jleafey at utmem.edu 

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