[Mailman-Users] Problem subscribing to lists via web]

Jon Carnes jonc at haht.com
Tue Oct 2 18:43:05 CEST 2001

> Still no luck with the problems below.  I'm not sure what each of the
> functions listed in the cron output and the error logs do, but I began
> to think that my config.db's all got fubared somehow.  I have since
> added additional lists, thereby creating new databases, however, I still
> get the same errors.  I'm beginning to doubt the dbs are messed up.  I'm
> not certain it's a specific script that's puking either, since several
> are listed in the errors below.  Perhaps they all have a common built-in
> function that's croaking?  I'm learning python  on the fly - am I
> missing something obvious?  Can any one give me more info about the
> functions in the error codes, or point me down a (narrower) road to
> investigate?  I have 626 lists that no one can subscribe themselves to
> right now.
Sounds like a hard-drive or an NFS mounting problem.  Are the directories
mounted via NFS?  Is there currently a problem with NFS on the machines?
Has one of the partitions filled up with data so there is no more room on

If any of the above is true you would get those errors and then your config
files really could easily become corrupt as users attempt to add and delete
themselves to your lists.

Jon Carnes

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