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With respect, I disagree. 

It's one thing to read a civil request such as "Please read the FAQ and manual at <URL> before asking questions here". It's quite another to go through the FAQ, the manual, a Google search, and a reinstall before asking a question on a mailing list - and then having to endure the sarcastic, churlish, infantile taunts I got from a certain list member who has "wannabe" written between the lines on all of his posts.

Mailing list software setup is complicated from the start; more so because it requries expertise in several different areas that Linux newbies don't often have: MTA setup and configuration, compiler options, library maintenance, group/user permissions, and cron. A lot can go wrong, and the installation HOWTO's are written by volunteers whom often lapse into technocratese during their explanations.

Let's remember that the objective or a "users" list is to help USERS, not provide an excuse for self-aggrandizment by the self-absorbed. Every disappointed newcomer who is scared off this list by abuse from a certain jackass is going to become an advocate for Microsoft when his employer asks for an opinion about which software to buy.

We were all new to this once. One list member has, apparently, decided to stop growing and start mocking those whom will soon pass him by.



(flames to /dev/null - serious replies on or off list as you see fit)

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