[Mailman-Users] eth0 Failure

tom hilton tom-hilton at home.com
Tue Oct 23 05:49:25 CEST 2001

Hi, I am brand new to linux, and trying to configure my install.  I have a
Toshiba Laptop running dual boot with W98 system,  I was wondering if anyone
had any suggestions for this problem;  When booting the system gives me
delayed initialization of eth0, and error messages saying no high memory
resources available.   Looking at the system log, the system probes the two
high memory areas set as include in the /etc/pcmcia/config file, and
excludes the entire area for both pieces.  I have no idea why this is
happening.  Has anyone else run across this.  My ethernet card is a Linksys
100/10 card, that works fine in windows.  I am using tulip in my alias file,
I cant ping anything, always get network unavailable error.  are there any
commands or programs that analyze I/O usage in Linux, or that can restrict
the system from probing and excluding these areas set aside for my ethernet
card?  when i run cardctl and cardconfig, I never get any irq or io info.  I
dont know if PnP is messing things up or not.  any ideas?  Thanks for your

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