[Mailman-Users] Will Mailman do this?

Markus Kachel kachel at muenster.de
Thu Sep 13 10:33:30 CEST 2001

Hello Donaven,

On Thursday, September 13, 2001, You wrote to subject: [Mailman-Users] Will Mailman do this?

> I have since started a new hosting account and am looking to install
> software that could supply the service of emailing securely to a
> large list from one individual.

first of all your hoster must have Phyton installed, it isn't working
without it. There are 2 ways to do, what you wanted. first is to let
only one address write to the list. But if someone is spoofing your
mail-address, he could send to the list, too. Second ist more secure.
you set up a moderated list and approve all of your postings over the
website of mailman.

> The subscribers need to be able to unsubscribe and subscribe from a
> web page form. I also need to be able to add my current list (2500
> addresses) to this system.

That is a built-in function of mailman and there are other options,
that can be set (i.e. turn off delivery temporarily for vacation).
There is a mass subscribing-field on the admin pages for your list
where you can subscribe all your old addresses. Or you can use the
add_members at the command line. It is more advanced and can send a
second message that informs your subscribers that you are running a
new software and that there are some changes.

> What I've been able to read about Mailman does not answer my
> question and I feel that is it more of a "digest" application. I do
> still think that with the right settings and interface is could do
> as an bulk e-mail notification tool. Subscribers do not reply to the
> list. They reply only to the sender.

No, Mailman is a mailing list robot with digest and archiving
functionality. I'm hosting two announcement lists and three discussion
list here and they are running fine.


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