[Mailman-Users] Senddigests still running

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Tue Sep 25 01:24:42 CEST 2001

	I noticed by watching the output of top -c that every minute or so as it
should qrunner executes and goes away. I have had the mailman running on my
server for a couple days now and noticed that senddigests.py is still
running. It has an elapsed time of around 57 hours right now. To make
things more distinct, there are two instances of it running. They are only
using 1.1 of cpu and 7.7 or mem, which isn't a lot but,
1. should they still be running?
2. should it be two of them running?
3. I have no "Digest-mode users, so should it be running at all?

	It is a Cobalt RaQ2 Mips, 32MB ram, MIPS processor, Red Hat Variant with
Sendmail, Mailman-2.0.6 and Python 1.6.1

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