[Mailman-Users] Add to wishlist

Eric Russell eprussell at shaw.ca
Mon Apr 1 08:28:42 CEST 2002

I am a List Manager on a Lyris produced mailing list.  There are Spam
attacks frequently occurring due to a loophole in the subscription

A Spam artist trawls the Internet and discovers both the subscription
address and the posting address of the group.

The Spammer prepares an identical message to sell goods or services and
sends one to the subscription address and a short time later to the
posting address (this is my deduction so details could vary). Members
suddenly get a Spam message, which sends them ballistic and they write
message of annoyance to the list.

I intervened and required all new subscribers to be approved.  That's
when I saw the server's advice on a new subscription.  I scrolled down
the subscription request and read the Spam message.

POINT:  It would be GREAT if a mailing list server would reject any
subscription request which contained more than the "subscribe ......."

I believe our site administrators are interested in the Mailman
software.  I am hoping that the SPAM scam can be defeated with your

Eric Russell

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