[Mailman-Users] mailman and qmail

abw abw at hosting2000.com
Fri Apr 5 01:31:20 CEST 2002

I asked this question earlier and didn't quite get a clear response, so I 
will post it again. I apologize if I have missed any other lectures about it.

The system we are using is an Intel based machine with Solaris x86 version 
8, Mailman 2.0.6, and Qmail 1.03, along with all of the current qmail add ons.

I had a user who lost his domain name and had to re-register with the org 
version. He went into the mailman control panel and changed all com 
versions to org. According to him, the mailman list was working the whole 
time before switching the domain name. Now that this has happened, he 
cannot get his confirmation emails when adding someone to his mailing list.

I went ahead and removed his entire mailing list, then recreated it. He 
added the administrators emails, then went to adding the users. Once again, 
he cannot get the confirmation emails sent. I added his mailing list entry 
to /etc/aliases as I have on another sendmail server, but the newaliases 
command no longer works, and I suspect this might be why he isn't receiving 
the confirmation.

I'm not positive on this, but I don't know what else it can be. The mailing 
list installs fine, but the alias file doesn't seem to update. I looked as 
best for an answer on google, but all I found were others who are trying to 
use qmail and mailman, no real answers. It almost seems that mailman 
doesn't recognize any of the email addresses sent to it. Maybe the aliases 
file has something to do with this problem? The two valid addresses are 
clearly in the administration panel on his list.

Has anybody had success with this? I can't figure out whats wrong. My guess 
is there is a configuration problem somewhere, but where? Mailman? Aliases? 
Any suggestions?


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